A&R Logistics – A Trusted Name In Bulk Carriers

A&R Logistics has made significant strides in becoming a trusted name in bulk carrier companies. While many bulk carriers claim that e-logs are unnecessary, we simply believe that it's a better way of doing business, particularly in an age when customers can be held financially liable if their carriers aren't up to safety standards. And that's just one component of our way of thinking.

A&R has made strategic investments in equipment, facilities and training, and these investments have already paid off. This past January, we earned our best driver safety score under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety and Accountability program. We are continuously recognized by our customers and peers for outstanding safety and excellence, and in addition, we are also a Responsible Care Partner.

We strive to be a dry bulk carrier company that our customers can confidently count on, not only to provide expert service, but to protect reputation. For A&R, Doing It Right is the only way to do it.

All A&R truck drivers are requried to use E-logs