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A&R Logistics – Leading The Way In Bulk Transportation

At A&R, we strive for maximum efficiency; implementing new technologies and processes that allow us to meet our customers' needs without compromising safety or compliance. We have aggressively and voluntarily embraced e-logs on 100% of our fleet. Our drivers are trained professionals who understand the importance of building lasting relationships with customers and providing expert trucking services. A&R has also upgraded warehousing and packaging technology across the nation to improve the efficiency of our day to day operations.

A&R Logistics sets the bar high when it comes to safety and compliance. Our brand-new Dover system in Morris, Illinois is capable of packaging one million pounds PE or PP product per day during our two-shift operation, while virtually eliminating dust. Our rail-car facility in San Bernardino, California is equipped with our own rail technicians who track all daily inventories of transloading activities, electronically verifying and physically inspecting the cars to improve productivity and enhance safety. A&R, Doing It Right, and gaining the trust and respect of companies throughout the nation.

We are Driving Safety in the Right Direction

Setting the Standard for Safety and Compliance

Training drivers to Do it Right.
Note: Safety gear was worn at all times handling the hoses and transloading of material.


A&R bulk transport driver training

1 - Railcar fitting with crosshairs to prevent passage any foreign object or debris from the railcar to enter the trailer.
Loading of the product is done with the railcar in mind from a silo with outlet gate installed.

A&R bulk transport truck driver training

2 - Removing the caps for the outlet gates so that he can inspect for any contaminants or water before hooking up the hose to transload.

A&R Logistics, a leader in bulk transport, provides expert driver training

3 - Ensuring straps are in good shape, no frays, and ratchets work properly for tying off load hose.

A&R bulk transport driver safety training

4 - Securing hose to hose stand with bungee to keep hose off the ground.

A&R safety training

5 - Perfect example of how hose is secured to railcar outlet and hose stand for transloading.

A&R bulk transport driver training

6 - Tying off with 2 ratchet straps so that there is no way that the hose can get loose and fall to the catch pan that is in place.  The catch pan is in place to catch any pellets that may be at the opening of the railcar outlet when the endcap is removed prior to placing the railcar fitting on.

A&R Logistics - a leader in bulk transport

7 - Once the load hose is connected to the railcar outlet and secured the hose then is connected to the trailer load line.

Bulk transport driver training at A&R

8 - A proper connection from railcar to trailer

—ready for transloading of product.

A&R bulk transport driver safety training

9 - Load hose connection with the gauge box closed.  The label reminds drivers to "check, check & recheck" railcar and all connections prior to transloading material.

Driver safety training at A& R Logistics

10 - Load gauges to show the negative pressure when transloading product; the load gauge lower left lets driver know how much product by air weight of trailer suspension.

A&R bulk transport driver safety training

11 - Velcro straps put around the hose ears at the trailer minimize the chance of them coming loose during transloading.

Safety, innovation and efficiency at A&R

12 - Velcro straps put around the hose ears at the railcar outlet minimize the chance of them coming loose during transloading.

A&R bulk transport driversafety training

13 - Driver shows proper technique for connecting the unload hose to the trailer.

Bulk transport driver training at A&R

14 - Driver making the connection with the load hose.

A&R bulk transportation driver safety training

15 - Driver making the connection to the silo for unloading product.

Bulk transportation driver safety training

16 - Proper connection with Velcro straps and hose stands in place to unload product from trailer ot the silo.


Before all the above happens, a proper pre-trip must be performed to ensure the safety of the driver and all people on the highway.
Below are some of the items that are checked for the pre-trip and prior to transloading material.



Transloading training at A&R Logistics

17 - Checking the load line for moisture (from being washed).

A&R Logistics transloading training

18 - Checking the unload line for moisture (from being washed).

Transloading and safety training at A&R Logistics

19 - Checking the load gauges and operating to diverter valve for movement.

Transloading training at A&R Logistics

20 - Checking the front fill line for moisture (from being washed).  The front fill line is needed when the product is loaded from the rear of the trailer and does not put enough to the front.  You can connect to the front fill line and finish loading without having to get on top of the trailer.

A&R Logistics safe trucking training

21 - Logging the pre-trip on the MCP-50 prior to leaving to load.

Safe trucking training at A&R Logistics

22 - Checking to make sure that the fifth wheel is locked to secure the trailer to the truck

—part of the pre-trip.

Safety training at A&R Logistics

23 - Raising the hood to check the fluids, belts and accessories to ensure everything is good prior to starting the engine.

Safe trucking training at A&R Logistics

24 - Checking the oil level.

A&R Logistics truck driver safety training

25 - Checking the hose connection with the Meritor Inflation System, maintaining proper tire pressure.

26 - Checking the hopper valve handle for secure and proper operation.

A&R Logistics truck driver safety training

27 - Checking the light lens of the Meritor Inflation System for security and operation.  If the pressure drops in any tire due to a puncture, a light will alert the driver that a tire is loosing air.  The system will then add air to the tire so that it won't go completely flat.


Our bulk-loading simulator, unique in the industry.


A&R Logistics bulk-loading simulator.


Our San Bernardino rail facility features designated technicians and tracking.


A&R Logistics Rail Mover